How does 360Reach work?
How is 360Reach different from other 360-degree surveys?
What is 360Reach?
What are the differences among 360Reach Basic, 360Reach Premium, and 360Reach Premium+?
How do I get started?


Who should I ask for feedback from?
How many people should I request feedback from?
How will I know when someone has responded?
Will 360Reach use the email addresses I put into the system?
If I start with the 360Reach Basic, can I upgrade to Premium or Premium+?
For how long can I access my account and look at my response summary?
How often should I conduct a 360Reach survey?
Why haven’t I received any responses to my request for feedback?
With my Premium version, why can’t I see my data analysis, Brand Personas and Leadership Competencies?
How do I analyze the results I receive?


I received a request for feedback. What is 360Reach?
Will you use my email address other than for this survey?
How long will it take for me to complete the survey?
Why was I selected to provide feedback?
Will the Requestor know my identity?
What if I am still concerned with my feedback being traced back to me?
What is the point of the projective exercises (Car, Household Appliance, Breed of Dog, Breakfast Cereal)?
Will I get to see the summary of feedback that the Requestor received?
How can I complete my own 360Reach survey?
Where can I learn more about 360Reach?
Who do I contact for help while completing the feedback form?
More questions?